薛竣译 12-25 忙乱
摘要: It's that door you choose will decide whether you will fly or live your life in a cage.选择什么样的命运之门,决定了你将飞向蓝天,还是被囚禁在牢笼中度过一生。

Have you ever found yourself cribbing about having a busy life?你发现自己每天都在胡乱摸爬滚打,忙乱的生活着吗?


Feeling tired of waiting for a lift for so long because you don't want to take stairs?不想爬楼梯,却又因为等电梯的时间太长而感到疲惫吗?


Felt so lazy that you didn't want to go to work/school/college?感觉自己非常慵懒,不想去上班/上学/上课吗?


Or even feeling so exhausted that you wished for a break where you could或者感到如此筋疲力尽,想要随便找个什么地方休息一下吗?


just lie down on the bed all day and not worry about work/studies?想要整体都躺在床上,不想担心工作/学业?



My name is Beena, and my story begins from here..我的名字叫Beena,我的故事就从这里开始。


I was born in a poor family where we, my parents, brother and myself lived in a small room for many years.我出生在一个穷苦的家庭,我和我的父母,兄弟一家人多年来蜗居在同一个很小的房间里。


While growing up, I saw my parents making many sacrifices for me and my brother.我慢慢长大,发现我的父母为我和我的哥哥做出了很多牺牲。


They wouldn't buy anything for themselves so that they could fulfil all our wishes.为了满足我们的一切愿望,他们从不为自己买任何东西。


The small amount of money they earned, they invested it all in our childhood在我们的整个童年时期,他们把赚得的微薄的工资,全都花在我们身上了。


to make sure we don't feel lesser than other kids around us.这样一来,我们就不会觉得自己比周围的其他小孩少了什么了。


I decided to focus on my studies and give my parents a better life,我决心认真学习,让我的父母过上更好的生活


the life that they deserve for all the hardwork and sacrifices they have made.他们付出了那么多的辛劳,做出了那么多牺牲,他们理应过上更好的生活


I finished my graduation and got placed into a Leading firm in Audit industry.毕业后,我在一家审计行业的名牌公司找到了工作。


In the process of fulfilling my dreams, I took my body, my health for granted.为了完成自己的梦想,我完全忽略了自己的身体健康。


I was mentally exhausted.我透支了自己的精力。


I had become a workaholic and that was the time I felt that I needed a break from work and relax for some time.我变成了工作狂,直到那时我才发现,我需要暂停工作,好好休息一段时间。


I went to a doctor's clinic when I heard these 3 words which changed my life forever – I was diagnosed with Guillian Barre Syndrome (G.B.S).我去了医生的诊所,听到3个改变了我一生的字眼——我被诊断为患有吉兰-巴雷综合征。


It is a rare neurological autoimmune disorder which leaves your body paralysed.这是一种罕见的神经免疫性失常,最终会导致瘫痪。


The cause of this disease is still unknown.导致这种病的症结还不为人知。


My breathing was becoming more and more difficult for me while I was in the ICU.后来我住到了医院的重症监护病房,我感到呼吸都越来越困难了。


I was in the hospital for 2 months on life support.我在医院里住了两个月,完全依靠生命维持系统活了下来


During these 2 months I had survived some near death experiences, including skin allergies and multiple infections.在这两个月里,我数次从濒临死亡的境地捡回一条命,皮肤过敏症,还有多种感染症都差点让我死掉。


There is no cure for this disease apart from physiotherapy to regain the muscular strength and bring back the erased muscle memory.这种病无法根治,只能依靠物理疗法重新恢复肌肉的力量,找回被抹去的肌肉记忆。


I was sent home from the hospital immediately after being taken off the life support.刚刚脱离生命维持系统,我就被医院赶回了家。


My body was still fully paralyzed from neck down and I couldn't even lift a finger at that time.那个时候,我的身体已经陷入了彻底的瘫痪,脖子以下都不能活动,连一根手指头都举不起来。


I started my Physical therapy from home.我从家里开始做物理治疗。


It took me 1 year to be able to take my first few steps with the help of a walker.过了整整一年,我才能扶着拐杖走几步路。


I had two options at that time, first was to give up那时我有两种选择,要么选择放弃


and accept that I will never be myself again and other was to keep pushing.承认我永远不可能恢复成原来的养子,要么 坚持抗争下去


I chose to be my own miracle.我选择成为自己的奇迹


I practised more and more to learn how to walk with a stick,我越来越勤加练习,学着用拐杖走路


how to go up and down stairs, how to sit and get up from a chair, how to turn,学着上下楼梯,学着坐到椅子上,或者从椅子上站起来,学着转身,


how to get into a car, how to walk while carrying a bag on your shoulders.学着爬进汽车,学着一边在肩膀上扛着背包,一边走路


I practised everything which could help me go to work without having any caretakers around.我努力练习所有这些技能,希望能不依靠护工的帮助,就能独自去上班


Another year passed and finally after 2 years of hardwork I was ready to go to work again.又一年过去了,经过两年的艰苦努力,我终于又开始工作了


now whenever I see someone cribbing about having a busy life,现在,无论何时我看到那些盲目的忙碌着的人们


I tell them.. You are lucky! And it's a blessing..我会告诉他们,你是幸运的,你还有健康的身体!


This journey has given me many life lessons:这一路的艰辛历程给了我很多终身受用的教训:


1. Count your blessing every day, because everything that bothers you at this moment is in itself a blessing.珍惜你每天拥有的幸运,因为此刻让你感到烦恼的一切其实都是一种幸运


2. Never ever let someone's words decide your destiny . Be your own miracle.别让旁人的话决定你的命运,做自己的奇迹


3. If you want something to change, you need to change something.如果你希望生活中发生变化,请先在自己身上做出一些改变


I still have a long way to go, but I have decided I will never give up my fight.我还有漫长的康复之路要走,但我决定永远不放弃


It's that door you choose will decide whether you will fly or live your life in a cage.选择什么样的命运之门,决定了你将飞向蓝天,还是被囚禁在牢笼中度过一生。






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