tVmyMIAn 01-02 束缚
摘要: 也许,在进行显著改变时遇到的最困难的事情,就是即便对相关知识一无所知,也缺少财务支持或情感工具,却还是要顺利完成。

  Laugh. Cry. Every step you take forward is a song sung for you.笑也好,哭也罢,每一次进步都是一曲为你自己吹奏的凯歌。

  Pain. Toil . Every failure, you dealt with them all by yourself.苦也好,累也好,每次的失败与痛苦也都是你自己在承担。

  Probably the most difficult thing about pursuing significant change is doing it when you don’t have the knowledge, financial or emotional tools available to make the process go smoothly. 也许,在进行显著改变时遇到的最困难的事情,就是即便对相关知识一无所知,也缺少财务支持或情感工具,却还是要顺利完成。

  Your life is your own.你的人生是你自己的。

  You put all those effort to make yourself a better person, not to make yourself qualified for someone else. 所有的努力,都应该是为了使自己变得更好,而不是为了配得上谁。

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  It's yours.它们是你的。

  It's all yours.是你一个人的。

  However, it is indefensible to can claim ignorance to the possible ramifications of continued inaction. The choice belongs to each and every one of us. We all have the power to change both our thoughts and behavior thereby giving more intentional direction to the remainder of our lives. 然而,把持续的无作为所导致的后果归因为无知是站不住脚的。选择权在我们每一个人手中。我们都可以改变自己的思想和行为,去为之后的生活确立更明确的方向。

  It is your life itself.它们就是你的生活。

  It is you.它们就是你。

  All the fights you fought for a better life are the scars that you wear on your own heart.为生活的每一点奋斗,都是你自己心上的伤痕。

  All the progress you made towards your dream are not given by someone else.为理想的每一次进步,都不是谁给你的恩惠。

  It's not easy to walk on this road called life. No step is. So love yourself when you walk.在人生这条大道上,每一步都不易,且行,且自爱。

  Change is considerably easier when you have a full complement of supporting partners and unlimited resources. But, since very often it is the shock of a death, divorce or some other life tragedy that unceremoniously tosses us out of our comfort zone to fend for ourselves, it can mean being forced to strike out alone which for many of us is the scariest part of all.当你有很多合作伙伴和无尽的资源时,改变就更容易发生了。但是,由于这种变化往往是来自于身边的人去世的打击、离婚或是其他的一些人生悲剧,而且这些变化又毫无征兆地将我们赶出了自己的舒适圈,使我们不得不自己照顾自己,所以这样的变化也意味着我们要被迫独自面对很多事情,这也是很多人最害怕的事情。

  Life is so hard, don't make your struggle a commodity for others to pick.生活如此不易,不要让自己的努力变成人人评价的商品。

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  However, as difficult as it can be, sometimes reaching our full potential means working without a net. Or, as Tony Robbins says, "If you want to take the island, burn the f’ing boats!" 然而,不管有多难,有时想要达到我们潜能的极限,其实只需在工作时摆脱网络的束缚。换言之,正如托尼• 罗宾斯所说,“如果你想去岛上,就烧了这些该死的船!”

  For those truly dedicated to their mission, having fewer resources and no backup or fallback plan can be a surprising blessing as it forces you to get creative and forge new paths. 而对于那些真正致力于完成自己使命的人来说,缺少资源、备份或应急计划都会被看作是一个意外之礼,因为这促使你变得更具创造力,懂得另辟蹊径。

  I don’t know if it’s possible to leave this world with zero regrets. Because of the natural life cycles and the fact that sometimes it’s the tragedy that causes our awakenings we often have our epiphanies too late to avoid certain painful outcomes. 我不知道是否有可能在离开这个世界时不留任何遗憾。因为自然生命周期有限,也只有悲剧结局,才能让我们清醒,这使我们时常顿悟得太晚,以致于无法避免那些令人痛苦的结局。





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