Jessie 01-01 微笑
摘要: 我从他身边走过并冲他露出一个大大的微笑。他的目光一下子明亮了起来,也对我报以微笑。我不知道为什么他看起来那么难过,但就在那一刻,他笑了。

  Yesterday I was in the grocery store. I saw an older man standing with a sad look on his face. I walked by and gave him a big smile. Immediately, his eyes brightened and he smiled back. I don't know why he looked so sad, but for that moment in time he smiled.昨天,我在杂货店。我看到一个老爷爷站在一旁,他看起来很难过。我从他身边走过并冲他露出一个大大的微笑。他的目光一下子明亮了起来,也对我报以微笑。我不知道为什么他看起来那么难过,但就在那一刻,他笑了。

  A Smile Is A Gift Worth Giving一个微笑就够了

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  I'd never really thought about giving a smile as a gift until this morning. Sometimes a smile is the best gift you can give someone.直到今天早上我才真正意识到,微笑也是一份礼物。有时候,一个微笑是你能够给他人的最好的礼物。

  People are in a rush and many are stressed this time of the year. Why not give a gift of your smile to everyone you meet. Give the gift of your smile! You never know how much of a difference you could be making in their life at that moment.每年的这个时候,人们都匆匆忙忙,他们很多都背负着巨大的压力。为什么不对每个你遇到的人报以微笑?别吝啬你的微笑!你永远都不知道在他们生命中的那一刻,你的微笑可能会改变他们的人生。

  Always remember that a smile is a gift worth giving!永远记住,微笑是最珍贵的礼物。





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